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MistGen Lightweight Li-Ion Battery Backpack Sprayer (4 gallon, 96 Wh)

The MistGen Lightweight Li-Ion Backpack is one of the lightest 4 gallon backpack sprayers, weighing only 9.5 lb empty, thanks to the integrated Li-Ion battery.
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Lightweight. Only 9.5 lb empty (9.5 lb - 42.5 lb depending on solution level, up to 4.2 gal). Foam back for comfort while spraying.

Full-featured. Adjust flow rate while you spray. Extendable wand (16 to 32 inch). Automatic-spray lock so you don't have to hold down the trigger. An adjustable cone spray nozzle and a fan spray nozzle are included. (Accessories packed inside tank}.

Freedom from wires. With the MistGen Lightweight Li-Ion Backpack, you can work where a power outlet isn't available, or hard to reach. Skip the setup and extension-cable dragging on your next project. The Li-Ion battery recharges from a standard wall outlet - just pack it and go.

No emissions. Operators and onlookers can breathe easy: unlike portable foggers that are powered by burning fuel, the MistGen Lightweight Li-Ion Backpack produces no exhaust. Outdoors, the MistGen Lightweight Li-Ion Backpack is an environment-friendly choice. Indoors, you can work in enclosed spaces without worrying about ventilation.


Data sheet

Flow rate
11.1-26.9 gal/hr
9.5 lb
21 x 12 x 18 in
4.2 gal
Weight (shipping)
11 lb
4 ft
Working pressure
21.8-58.0 psi
12V 8Ah Li-Ion (integrated)
Battery life
5 hours
Battery recharge time
8 hours
Product manual: PDF

Returns: Returns accepted within 30 days. 15% restocking fee for non-defective returns.

Warranty: 1 year