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Designed for professional use. Alongside our lineup of gas-powered thermal foggers, we've also picked a few top-end electric foggers that feature high-grade nozzles and adjustable flow.
Priced aggressively. If you've compared our foggers with competing models, you may notice we charge much less for similar specs, especially at the high-end. We're happy to put powerful tools in the hands of operators with smaller budgets.
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Longray ULV Foggers Longray Thermal Foggers
Carryall Superduty Li-Ion battery Compact Standard Top-end
$419 $1499 $1299 $1199 $1449
Works with water-based (preferred) or oil-based oil-based oil-based (preferred) or water-based
Droplet diameter 5-50 micron 0.5-50.0 micron
Flow rate 0.0-6.3 gal/hr 0.0-0.9 gal/hr 5.6 oz/min 11.1 oz/min 2.1-11.1 gal/hr
Capacity 1.6 gal 0.7 gal 1.3 gal 1.6 gal
Power source Electric: 800 W Electric: 450 W Gasoline: 0.3 gal/hr Gasoline: 0.4-0.5 gal/hr
Weight (empty) 8.8 lb 12.5 lb 15.0 lb 17.4 lb
Warranty 1 year

Choosing your fogger.

Is a visible fog important? Thermal foggers produce a dense, white fog so you can monitor the penetration and progress of your spraying.
Need wireless? Our thermal foggers run off gasoline, and the Pioneer Handheld runs off Li-Ion battery, so they can be used where a wall outlet is not available.
Oil or water-based? If you already have solution in mind, choose a fogger that's optimized for it (water vs oil-based) for best results.
Need adjustable flow? The ULV electric foggers on his page allow you to continuously adjust droplet size and flow rate, even while the machine is running. For thermal foggers, adjusting flow is not so easy: you'll need to swap in a different nozzle.
Indoor or outdoor? For indoor use, choose an electric ULV fogger or the Compact Thermal Fogger. These foggers are smaller and have lower emissions than a full-size thermal fogger.