• Cold Foggers

    Cold foggers are perfect for homes, offices, and backyards.

    • ULV technology creates fine droplets (20-50 microns), minimizing chemical costs.
    • Most units come with a dial to change the flow rate as you go.
    • Runs off a power outlet, although some use lithium ion batteries.
    • Quick and easy to start up.
    • Relatively quiet.
  • Thermal Foggers

    Powerful foggers for outdoors and large indoors spaces.

    • Sprays furthest (20-100 feet)
    • Highest flow rate.
    • Smallest droplet sizes (0.5-50 microns)
    • Pulsejet engine has no moving parts, runs on regular gasoline.

    Buyer should be comfortable using a loud, gasoline-powered machine.

  • Sprayers

    Great for quiet settings like homes, offices, and gardens.

    • Hand-pumped or battery-powered
    • Droplets sizes typically larger than 50 microns.
    • Variety of form factors: plastic, stainless steel, backpack
    • Inexpensive

    Check your chemical's documentation to make sure it won't corrode the tank material.

  • Traps
  • Parts

    Original parts for Longray foggers and Longray/MistGen stainless steel sprayers.

    Part not listed? Contact us.

  • Refurbished

    Save on manufacturer refurbished units!

    • Tested to be 100% functional
    • Same warranty as new units.

    Returns are not accepted.

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